Do you believe in signs? (not the road traffic variety)

Also posted this on my fb, so sorry (or maybe not haha) to those of you who are seeing it again xx

So, some of you may think this is a load of hooey :smirk: but in the past I have been right into this sort of thing and I still believe the spirit world often has messages for us. I had actually forgotten about the whole “feather signs” thing. But today, randomly, I looked in my handbag (while I was still inside btw) to see this grey and white little feather. I couldn’t remember what the different colours of the feathers symbolised, so have looked it up.

White - angels are around and want you to know you are being watched over.

Grey - life has been frantic, but peace is coming.

At this point in time, with everything that’s going on, I’ll take it! Like I said, I know it would sound like a bunch of crap to some of you, but honestly, it’s nice to think this is a small sign that things are going to be ok.

Hang in there everybody. Remember to be thankful for even the little things in life at the moment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How interesting, I didn’t know about the different colours, thanks for sharing the chart. I’ve always believed in the white feather. My Dad passed away in 2018 and he always told my Mum he would show her a sign whenever he could to let her know he was okay and always with her. We have all (immediate family) experienced moments where white feathers appear when needed and also birds will sometimes behave in a way where they look at us or do something unbirdlike and we automatically say Hi Dad and think of him. It will happen at times when we need some type of clarification of our thoughts or some of encouragement or just when we miss him.

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Aww that’s beautiful! I was the same with seeing dandelion spores floating around. My mum passed away in 1999, and at random times (much like what you described) I would see one float by! I ended up getting a dandelion and “mum” tattooed on my forearm (on Mother’s Day a few years ago now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:). I love the signs we get from the universe sometimes!