Do you still have mcn”s stashed?

I’ll fess up I have two vac pack bags I still have no more kids for me now but I don’t know what the fuck to do with them and can’t bring myself to chuck them out lol

I sold most of mine but do have a few that I made myself in my daughter’s keep box. Not that they’re worth keeping, but they’re too good for the bin but not good enough to sell. Maybe I will send them to the op shop. What I do have is a massive stash of cloth pads that I no longer use as I don’t get periods anymore. My daughter uses modibodi and won’t ever use the pads. What the hell do I do with them? 100s of dollars worth, great brands and I can’t bring myself to throw them away but not really something you can sell or donate once they’ve been used.

I did have a heap still that I never got around to selling when my youngest toilet trained (6 years ago haha). I recently gave them to my SIL for my baby niece because she decided to give cloth a go. Some of them were beyond it, but a lot of the ittis were still fine!

I also kept quite a few “special” ones hahah random box of pretty nappies doing nothing :woman_shrugging:t3:

I have four kids now I need to clean out their shit there is so much I keep just in case lol