How is everyone going?

Hey guys!!
How is everyone travelling??
This has been our first week with the kids home and me not at work. It has literally been years since we have spent this much time together! It’s so weird haha for the most part it’s going ok. We aren’t getting much school shit done, but at this stage I’m not worried. We are doing a few random things around the house and today went for a massive drive. Got drive through coffee/milkshakes and went for a cruise. Went up to kings park and ran around with the dogs in a secluded grassy area, them drove home via the coast. It was good to get out!

Anyway, hope everyone is going well! Let me know what you’ve all been up to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I swear mine are going to kill each other!

They have suggested those of us that can work from home do but I would never get any work done and definitely couldn’t zoom anyone with how annoying they are and the constant mum mum mum

Ahhh that’s hard! My heart goes out to the people trying to still work and look after/school kids!
I’m a jeweller so definitely can’t work from home hahaha