Some witty title

Hi all,
My name is Kristy, 31yo stay at home mum. Looking forward to somewhere fun to be instead of the usual drudgery of Facebook.

I’m a stay at home mum of 1-8 kids. No you didn’t have a stroke reading that, the joys of a blended family means our house is a crazy one! Ages 3, 6, 6, 8, 8, 9, 11 and 13! We cover everything from oral fixations, endless episodes of lazy town and the latest memes being shouted until there are a few more greys on top of our heads :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to laughing with you, crying with you and getting through these batshit crazy times!



Hello Grumpy Kitten.

What a great big wonderful family life you must have.

I’d totally forgotten about Lazy Town. That show was annoying. We do Bluey marathons here at the moment.

Could be worse, at least it’s not in the night garden or Peppa pig!
I’m watching some bluey with my six year old this afternoon, he’s very excited to show me it.

Hey!! Ahhh those were the days! My kids loved lazy town. Me not so much haha but more than bloody lah lahs big band or whatever that was call shudder

Looking forward to chatting!!