Starting a new relationship

I met a man about 4 weeks ago. We have been on a total of 3 dates. Nothing physical happened on the dates, we didn’t even hold hands. The last date was only a few days before my daughter and I went into isolation. Social distancing was already being discussed in the media and it felt too awkward to even have a hug or quick cheek kiss as greetings. Not that we didn’t want to, there is definitely an attraction there. Anyway, we have been texting each other daily, and he is lovely to talk to, he is a really nice man. But it feels so strange starting a new relationship in this way. I’m not sure whether to continue chatting without seeing each other physically, or wait and start again when this is all over (I think isolation and lockdowns are going to be in place for much longer than we all think). I am worried we will form an attachment based on how we imagine each other to be and then when we get to meet in person again we will be disappointed. Then it will awkward to back out of a relationship that naturally wouldn’t have progressed, but because we were put in a position of a kind of distance/online relationship we may have both said things that assumed deeper commitment. I wanted to start dating again, as I’ve been single for a year, but I wanted to keep it pretty light. Today he left some beautiful flowers and a bag full of snacks out the front of my house. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been shown this kind of attention and I don’t know how to know if my feelings for him are real or if I am just liking the attention? So a part of me wants to stop contact but the other part really likes hearing from him every day. But for some reason all this talking seems to be way more intimate than the usual physical stuff and it’s making me very nervous because it isn’t heading towards the light and easy kind of dating I was after. I’m not sure if I am asking for advice or not here, but feel free to give it. I just needed to voice my concerns, I have not told anyone in my real life that I have even met anyone, so don’t have anyone to talk to about this.

Hmmm it sure is a different situation starting a relationship while in isolation but like you said it’s probably going to go on for a while…
We can’t put absolutely everything on hold for it.

If I had any advice it would be to voice your concerns to him.
Exactly what you said, your worried about an emotional attachment and then once things o back to ‘normal’ the rest won’t come as easy/natural…

Good luck xx

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Thanks, I think you’re right. I’ll discuss it with him. Not like we haven’t got plenty of time to discuss many different topics.