Stimulus ftb

Does anyone know when the $750 will start appearing? I know they said payments after March 31st but it’s not showing in any of my future payments

March 31 to April 17. My guess is you’ll get the payment whenever your usual rotation of centrelink payments, whatever made you eligible (FTB for most people probably) is normally paid.

And having seen how the CL systems work in the past it usually won’t appear that it’s going to be paid (in your future payments list) until a day or two before it’s being paid.

Ahhh ok. My next payment is due on the 6th of April

Yeah if that’s the case, then 2 maybe 3 days before that you should see it pop up in hte payments, if the past is anything to go by, but with CL and with the way things are at the moment anything is possible.

I doubt there will be any delays, as it is some people are absolutely sweating on it.

I heard we won’t see it in the centrelink payments at all. It will just show up in your bank account.

That’s possible too but I kinda doubt it.

From this week apparently I read somewhere, but who knows…its just going to go towards my rent cos atm agent says still liable to pay full rent, and to apply CL

Im going to have to pay full rent as well which pisses me off, I’m in a private rental paying well above what it’s worth

Ive been stood down earlier this week, so sent email to agent today asking for reduced rent. Saying I can commit to xyz, and will pay back the difference when things go back to normal. As my brother say, the worse they can say is no then I’ll go back to planning…