What theories have you heard?

So, I have heard a few random conspiracy theories getting thrown around. One being that this virus was released to try and wipe out the older generation. The people that are a “drain” on society so to speak. This isn’t my belief, so don’t get mad at me Hahaha

Tell me any doozies you’ve heard!! The crazier the better :clap::clap::clap:

there were a couple of fucking crackpots (including some who had their own tv shows) over in the US, claiming that it was a Democrat plot to lose Trump the election…

And we currently “offically” have China and the US each blaming each other…

Wow really!!

Trump and the “China virus” :woman_facepalming:t3:

So not corona related.

I was stopped by another mum at school pick up last week. She’s been watching conspiracy videos all afternoon and was super buzzy and energetic!
Very loudly at the playground she proceeds to tell me how the Vatican is about to go down and that pope stands for ‘Protector of Pedophiles Everywhere’
Blew my mind!

Holy shit really?? That’s mental! Did you just kinda back away slowly? Lol

Another one I have heard is that the Queen is actually dead and they’ve just not told anyone. Not sure why that would even be a thing :woman_shrugging:t3:

I kind of just laughed awkwardly and herded my kids away :rofl:

I’ve heard that one about the queen before! I mean she’s got to die one day but seems to be hanging in there…

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I’ve heard that there isn’t actually a virus, that it is side effects from 5G that is sucking the oxygen out of people’s cells and that is why they can’t breath. That Wuhan was actually a 5G test site.

Since it has now spread and proven to be a virus the same person is saying it is from Aliens.

Also that this is all planned to “reset” the planet, in particular a global financial reset and everyone’s debts are going to be wiped. The virus is just the beginning, to ease the population into the change and to kill off all the humans who are not “awake” spiritually and who can’t be a part of the new world. Those who are “awake” don’t need to fear the virus because they are “sealed” to its affects and can’t catch it.

I don’t even know what emoji to add to this crazy…

Wow… just wow!

Sounds like we all need to get woke fast or die trying :rofl:

That ones a doozy!

Christ on a cracker lol where do people come up with this stuff?!