Who else is still working?

Curious to see how many of us are in an essential service and still needed to work? I work in disability and it’s chaotic to say the least

Me! I’m a team facilitator in disability sector, I’ve had a few days off for a cold and taking precautions but back to work tomorrow

I’m not working as I was going to tafe but that has been stopped and I was so close to finishing. I was wondering is it worth going for a job? Before all this started I was looking at getting a job and applying but I’m just not sure it’s worth it. Especially if the kids stop going to school as well.

What area are you studying in?

Massage therapy so that’s a total no as of now haha. I’d be looking at getting a job in a different field of work.

Honestly I think the only places hiring now are woolies/Coles and centrelink and thousands would apply but it’s worth giving it a try

Currently not working, but I wasn’t before all this pandemic madness anyway.
Youngest, 3yo, has ASD level three so with all her therapies and exercises as well as looking after such a large house my hands are already full haha

I feel for you all out there still working, I can’t imagine the stress that comes with it. Stay safe xx

I’m working in a more dangerous circumstance AND harder than ALL of you…

On not killing the children!

I’m not working as I am a full time carer. Took my kiddo out of school last week and we are in isolation due to her high risk health issues. I do a bit of freelance proofreading and copyediting from home, but have reduced that down a bit for now to spend more quality time with my girl.

My apologies in advance for the mental trauma and anguish that some of the butchering of the English language you’re sure to see on this forum will cause you ::stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still at work. I’m retail, but non essential. Who knew people would still want/need their jewellery to be repaired in this sort of crisis? lol not me! It had been busy still, but this week has taken a nose dive. All of three customers yesterday and about the same today.

With the new school recommendations I’m pulling my kids out next week and my boss said I can change my hours around a bit to suit. So that’s pretty lucky.

Thinking of all of you doing the hard yards in our essential services at the moment xx

I’d probably either start drinking or slowly loose my sanity if I home schooled.

I work as a support coordinator for people with NDIS plan so we keep going even if total lockdown. It’s really poor to see some of the providers responses to this crisis atm though

Nothing like the trauma Facebook has caused me over the years. I don’t even do Twitter, it’s just too much to bear.

I can’t understand why hair dressers are considered essential workers. No offence to hair dressers, but are we really all that vain that we need to risk infection just to look pretty? Surely 6 weeks without a cut and colour isn’t going to cause world chaos.

Nope, casino shut down. I’m close to finishing my nursing diploma though…

I got sent home from work before lunchtime today. Usually work the full day (till 4.30) but it was just soooo quiet my boss said to go. Not sure what’s going to happen. A lot of the other independent jewellers we know have shut up shop now :pensive: